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Motion tracking technology & leaderboards

Our motion tracking technology powers the Krew leaderboard.

The leaderboard ranks class participants based based on the speed and dynamics of their movements, by assigning them a score (the harder they work, the higher the score). This way, we bring a friendly competition vibe and motivation to our online classes, as participants can compete with each other, and the scores can serve as motivation to perform better -not just against others, but also against yourself-.

Best performers in a class (top 30%) will have an intense peach aura around their video, and class leaders will have medals next to their names.

Likewise, the bottom 30% of participants are marked with a blue aura around them, to allow our pros to zone into who needs attention, at a glance. Don't worry though, we only show who is in the bottom to the pro, we're not here to shame anyone, only to have fun and get healthier in the process!

We are aware that some people don't fancy competition - and some classes, like pilates or yoga, simply don't match well with competition-. We also don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. That is why you can decide if you want to use the leaderboard or not, and turn it off for yourself. If you turn off the leaderboard for yourself, you will still see other participant's scores, but your score won't be visible by anyone. 

To enable/disable the leaderboard for yourself, click this on the below button.

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