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Last Update 3 years ago

Creating a client account on Krew is quick and easy. You are just a few steps away from working out on Krew.

1. Click the Sign in button

2. If you are creating your account for the first time, click on "Create your account for free"

3. To register, provide us with your e-mail and password, and make sure you agree to terms & conditions.

4. Fill-in your details, and tell us more about you, by connecting your social media, listing your interests, and writing a short bio.

5. Your profile is created, don't forget to verify your e-mail!

Editing your profile: Once your profile is created you can customize it and make your unique space on Krew!

1. Go to My profile, and click edit profile to create your unique space on Krew.

2. You can add your profile picture, write a short bio and add your skills.

3. You can share your Spotify playlist if you feel like it.

4. Upload images and videos to your content wall. This is a nice way to introduce yourself, and find friends :)

5. Click Save Profile button and refresh the page.

6. Take a minute to admire your profile on Krew and imagine all those workouts you will crush!

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