How to find the right pro/session for me?

Tips to find the best pro/session for your goals

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Our sessions are led and curated by the world’s best professionals and you can choose and mix sessions based on your goals, schedule, and budget.

Krew offers a wide variety of classes, like HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, 1:1 coaching, and even breathwork! 

You can explore our directory, and filter classes based on exercise type, to find sessions that fit your goals and preferences. 

You can also take a look at our featured pros, who are the most popular and engaged on the platform. Those are the pros with the best reviews and their classes are trending on Krew.

Have in mind that we onboard new pros frequently, and don't discriminate pros with fewer reviews. They are just new on the platform. 

You can get more information about pros by exploring their social media or messaging them directly to see if you are a fit. Take a look at their bio and specializations, and see if they match your goals. Pro content wall is also a valuable source of information, as you can frequently find pro introductions and teaser workouts. Many pros list their Spotify playlist and you can find a pro with a similar music taste :)

Messaging pros

If you want to message a pro directly and get to know them better, before you book, just go to their profile and click the Message button. Your selected pro will receive an e-mail and get in touch with you. This is extremely valuable for 1:1 sessions and small group sessions, as you can choose pros based on a discussion and fit.

*Make sure you follow Krew on social media because we feature and engage our Pros. You will be able to see upcoming sessions and pro stories, as well as sample workouts. Our Blog is also a great source to find and assess pros, as they post content, and express their views on fitness-related topics.

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