I am not a fan of home-workouts. Is Krew for me?

Learn to love home workouts and complement your workout routine

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Last Update 3 years ago

We understand and acknowledge that in-person fitness experience can't be easily replicated online. Some people love the vibe of brick and mortar gyms and fitness studios, while some prefer to work out from home. 

No matter your preferences, Krew has something for you. We take a holistic approach to fitness & wellness. Krew is a space where you can book both online and in-person sessions, nutritional and spiritual coaching, and many other fitness & wellness related experiences.

Here are some reasons why you will love Krew, even if you are not a fan of virtual fitness:

1. Real-time virtual sessions: Krew virtual sessions are nothing like watching Youtube videos, or on-demand pre-recorded content. On Krew, nothing is generic and everything is in real-time. 

Real Pros, Real class participants, Real-time AI-enhanced feedback.

2. Motion Tracking Technology & Leaderboards- When we said our sessions are worth giving virtual fitness a try, we really meant it.  Krew innovative AI-powered motion tracking technology, will make you change your mind, and learn to love virtual fitness!

You get to compete with your friends, family, or complete strangers while being corrected on your technique in real-time.

2. Experiment with classes & trainers: With Krew, you get access to a wide variety of classes and get to experiment with different class types and Pros. Our sessions are led and curated by the world’s best professionals and you can choose and mix sessions based on your goals, schedule, and budget.

3. Krew surpasses physical boundaries and saves your time: No downloads, no long commutes & traffic jams, and no physical boundaries. Tailor your fitness experience to your goals, without limits. You can attend sessions thought by international fitness experts, from the comfort of your home.

4. Find in-person classes: We offer in-person experiences too, and you get to search and compare trainers and classes and find the best match for you. You can browse through Pro profiles, their content walls, read their reviews and try sessions before you decide to commit to a certain professional and book an in-person class. You are free to experiment until you find a Pro that fits your goals, without locking yourself into expensive gym memberships.

5. Complement your in-person classes: If you prefer weight training in the gym, you can still attend the majority of your classes in-person, but you can do your cardio or HIIT sessions or book nutritional advisory sessions. Possibilities are endless, and you are flexible to adapt your Krew experience to your goals, schedule, and habits.

Book a session on Krew, and we bet you will change your mind :)

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