What is Krew and what makes it different?

Learn what makes Krew a unique fitness experience, and how we are transforming fitness & wellness industry

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100+ Live Workouts

Browse over 100 daily live sessions from the world’s best fitness and health professionals. No skippable workouts. Every session is live to push you further.

Krew offers a wide variety of classes, like HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, 1:1 coaching, and even breathwork! Our sessions are led and curated by the world’s best professionals and you can choose and mix sessions based on your goals, schedule and budget. 

Real trainers, Real classes, Real participants and Real-time feedback.

Unlimited Streaming from anywhere

Stream where you like and on any device. No apps, no downloads, no cut off times. Brilliant.

Everything you need to workout on Krew, is on our website.

Get real-time, AI-enhanced feedback

Get live feedback from your trainer on your technique, form and pace and how to adjust for injuries. No generic instructions or DIY regressions.

Enjoy friendly in-class competition with our Leaderboards

Missing the sense of competition in-person? Compete with others in your class on Krew through our AI-powered leaderboard. Push each other to reach new heights.

This is only a quick overview of what we have to offer.

To learn more explore the FAQ, or even better- book your first session and see for yourself why Krew is a game changer for your fitness routine :)

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